Which graphics card is more suitable?

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  • I am writing this article using a translator, so there may be some sentences that are not smooth.

    I'd like to buy a laptop that costs between $3 and $4,000.

    A. A gaming laptop with an RTX 3080 graphics card

    B. RTX A3000 (Quadro) Workstation Laptop with Graphics Card

    At the same price, I would like to know which laptop with a graphics card is better suited for sketchup+encape work environment.

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    In this regard I'd say option A as the gaming laptop with an RTX 3080 graphics card generally offers better price to performance ratio than the workstation laptop with an RTX A3000 (Quadro) graphics card.

    The latter (RTX A3000) is designed for specific professional applications and often comes with a higher price tag due to additional features that should not be necessary for your use case.

    Directly compared in benchmark tests like this one the RTX 3080 usually comes ahead with about 30% increased performance compared to the RTX A3000 as well. This is just more of an estimate and the results depend more on the actual scene setup / resolution and such, but overall again the RTX 3080 is the winner here. :)

    Let me know if anything is not entirely clear to you!

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    and the AMD cards with more memory... do you support raytracing on them ?

    We do, but please keep in mind that DLSS and NVIDIA's denoiser which we are providing can help with both performance and appearance relative compared to an AMD card with around the same performance. As long as your system meets about our "VR REQUIREMENTS" listed here ideally you'll still achieve good performance in any case though.