Custom Horizon/Skybox Not showing up - Skybox Scaling

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  • I created a custom skybox, but the scaling was out of whack that it was unusable. I am on Rhino 6.8 and Enscape 2.3.4 So i have a two part question.

    A. I went another route and did a horizon based on some other threads i saw posed. So I added it to the horizons folder. But in my settings the custom thing i create CCE in my screenshot doesn't appear.

    B. Has anyone come up with a way to scale these skyboxes. I took a 360 image directly from our site at the vantage point we wanted and while the import was easy the scale of it so far from reality i'm not sure anything i do or any angle i come up with help render it useful.

    Thank you!

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    MelissaStewart , first off, could you please send me the skybox which is out of proportion so that I can have a look at it? I might already be able to assist you with making it useable for Enscape or give you some tips.

    Further, even when you select the Horizon Preset drop down menu, you cannot find your "CCE.png" file alongside the other Horizons?

    I suppose that you're in the Horizons folder from a previous Enscape installation. In this case, you can just start the Enscape installer again and check where it wants to install Enscape, as this should be the path your current version of Enscape is installed. Alternatively, you can just install Enscape again to any path you like and navigate to the Horizons folder again to input your "CCE.png" file. :)

    Let me know in case this doesn't resolve your problem.