SketchUp/Enscape - Trees showing as white and blue

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  • I recently started having this problem where my trees in Enscape are now discolored. Here is what it looked like a week ago, and the second image is what it looks like now. Has anyone had this issue? And what can i do to correct it.

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    Welcome to our Forum btran14 .

    Usually this issue can be resolved by simply redownloading our Enscape Assets. Can you please delete the folder %temp%\Enscape\Assets and restart Enscape? You can also find the folder via this path as well: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Temp\Enscape\Assets\

    If the issue persists, then please send me an error report including the log files as seen here, and add a brief description in the submission form so that our technical support team has some reference/context.

    Thanks a lot in advance!