BIM 360- Materializing Other Disciplines

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  • This is purely a question towards BIM 360 and other firms use of this with Enscape. To lay the ground work we used to work the old way of have a local central file, requesting disciplines to send updated bases and relink them into our project. When we needed exposed structure to look a certain way we would open up the disciplines model, change the material and all works great in our Enscape Renderings. Now we have transitioned to BIM 360 and we don't get these local discipline drawings anymore as everyone thing is connected through the web but if we have exposed structure it is glowing white in our Enscape View as that is the defaul material they use. What do you guys do to get your renderings look the way you want it?

    We came up with a few possible sollutions but they all have their own downsides, we can request the discplines to use a certian material but they don't do rendering work so we may have to teach them how to input PBR materials. Also if we end up not liking what we have requested and want it changed we have to work back and forth on just what shade and reflectivity of black we are looking for and what not. The other option is doing a "copy -> monitor" that way it will move when the structure moves but if you have a full exposed beam system this could literally take hours.

    There is also the third, non-existent but would be would be a very helpful option, this would be to have the ability to apply materials through the enscape window, much like other rendering software. Then we could ignore revit and it's quirks and get production renderings started early in our design phase. I would love any other ideas as we are at the extent of our brainstorming and think making a copy of each member is the easiest way.

  • As the project is on BIM360, can you request access to the consultants file and add the desired materials to the file? Only change the appearance value as the graphic color may be associated to the system type.