Single Export Render Function

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  • Hello Enscape or anyone else?

    I've sent a log report but posting here in case anyone can share some knowledge:

    I recently ran into isssues with slow SKP scene loading time, which after rolling back a version and updating my Nvidia driver to latest shaved about 5min off. So it is 10 min instead of 15~20min. But the problem with render export freezing at 0% persisted. At the end, I took the off chance to render with the Batch render function button, which to my amazement, sent the rendering out with no stall. Why is this? What can it be that is causing the single render export to freeze where as the Batch render exported with speed as expected. I have a Nvidia RTX 3090 and still have 20gb left after the engine enages the neccessary Vram for rendering. It was so massively frustrating that I had to find out this way after troubleshooting for 2 hours doing all sorts of scene optimization.

    Thnx for sharing your throughts in advance!

    • Official Post

    Thanks a lot for sending in a log report, you'll hear back from us via after further investigation.

    Just to make sure, it seems you've used a different e-mail this time to submit the report compared to the address used to log into this Forum? If so can you perhaps share that e-mail with me via a direct message?

    This way I can also have a look at the report right away for further clues, I appreciate the cooperation.