Point Cloud

  • Was the point clouds suggestion accepted - i still cant see it on the portal?

    I think it just goes to their dev team and gets listed nowhere we would see. As reference, someone in the Portal was asking the same about one of their suggestions in portal and here was the reply:

    Quote from rifkin Is there any record of what we have submitted? I have an email confirmation from "Portal" earlier this month, it does not reference the content of my submission, and I don't see it on the portal anywhere. I just sent another submission, probably for the same thing.

    At least on the forum we can track and update threads and see our history. If we submit to the portal and can't see any record of it, and it doesn't get "approved" or whatever, it just seems like things are going into a black hole.

    Demian Gutberlet

    We have it all internally here (nothing goes into a black hole), and while I can understand the wish to have feature requests listed automatically based on popular demand, for example, that is not something we plan to do anytime soon I am afraid, nor would it be possible without manual work - That does not mean that the submitted requests do not get discussed extensively internally of course (as well as getting sorted after popularity and other factors).

    Furthermore, we don't want to hinder any feature request discussions in the Forum and I hope that users here do not get that impression - The Voting Portal simply acts as a way for us to showcase our roadmap and allow users to vote for select requests, while also being able to forward anything else directly to product management.

    Side Note: I've been suggesting, begging, on bended knee for years, for point clouds.

  • thanks JScape,

    Strange, why not call it a Roadmap if that's what it is.

    The term Voting Portal gives the impression you have the ability to submit ideas and visually see them being publicly voted up for development.

    I'm sure more and more people will be using point clouds, (as they can even be created with a mobile phone). Importing them into revit is simple, and it's a huge shame you cant take them forward into enscape. It would allow you to rapidly convey ideas with context and accuracy etc.

    btw..i see its supported in twinmotion

  • Yes the context it could provide is immense. As you mentioned, it quickly illustrates the accuracy to your models and can help clients/contractors recognize where/how it fits in context with existing, while helping to avoid having to model everything around your new items to get that context. Been a while since I looked into twinmotion, might have to again. Any software making this a priority to include is worth looking at. Enscape even has added Bim and clashing features but no point cloud support and it surprises me. I always wonder what the roadblock is. Is it something in their program that makes it difficult, or is it simply lack of desire based on lack of requests. If it's lack of requests from current users, it might mean they are missing a rather large audience of users out there where Enscape could expand into and attract.

    Once upon a time they had a sort of roadmap upvoting/suggestion system. Point Clouds were one of them for a long time back then.

  • I completely agree.

    The context is a huge part of helping clients and contractors to make rapid and informed decisions. But developing that context takes time - which is better spent developing the proposals. Point clouds offer a huge advantage in that respect. If people aren't requesting it now - they surely will be.

    Twinmotion is looking great when you consider point cloud support - along with the speed of developing site context, animated objects, and the weather system.