Cannot use video texture on video animation

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  • Hi everyone. I'm a new enscape user and I'm loving how easy it is to use and you can achieve great results. I have been able to render still and video animation without a problem.

    However, when I tried applying a video texture on a tv screen and create an animation, enscape and sketchup will automatically crash. I can add keyframes on the video editor, but when I pressed the play (preview) button then it automatically crashes. But if I remove the video texture, I can render the animation without a problem. What could be causing this?

    Hardware accelerated ray-tracing is unchecked and I have an updated GTX 1660 super video card.

    I'm using enscape version 3.4.3

    Sorry if this topic has been asked before but I can't seem to find similar discussion.


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    I'm sorry to hear that - Right away whenever you experience crashing with Enscape you can submit a feedback report with logs straight to our technical support team as detailed here (in case you haven't already at this point).

    After analyzing said logs we will then get back to you again rather soon in usually a working day tops.