Enscape assets placed in Revit and imported into SketchUp - Will they render?

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  • SketchUp Studio 2023 now has a direct Revit import tool that makes it really quick and easy to bring Revit models into SketchUp. As a test, I used a project that had a lot of Enscape assets placed in Revit. These come across into SketchUp as the familiar grey blobs. Because I had just downloaded the installer and had not added the Enscape plugin, I did not have a chance to try and see if they rendered using Enscape within SketchUp. Can anyone answer if they would? If they don't, can I make a feature request?

  • Bumping this post.

    I am surprised this did not get more traction or even a single response, it seems fairly simple to link the information for Enscape objects when placed into Revit to then be available in the exported model for Sketchup.

    Is this something that Chaos is working on for Enscape?

  • Translating the geometry and materials is challenging enough, but getting the data to predictably translate across proprietary platforms is not fairly simple.

    If the Enscape assets placed in Revit, translate into SketchUp as components you may be able to bulk swap out the SketchUp components for the required Enscape asset in SketchUp.

  • No, Enscape assets placed in Revit and imported into SketchUp will not render using Enscape within SketchUp.

    Possible solutions:

    • Re-place assets in SketchUp: Use the Enscape asset library within SketchUp to find similar assets and place them in your scene.
    • Export Revit model without Enscape assets: Before exporting the Revit model to SketchUp, remove the Enscape assets from your Revit project.