Material Option Request - Fur / Grass Expansion

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  • Hello all,

    Has there been any request for fur material implementation?

    My idea is that similar to grass, fur would act as a rendered element at run-time and pick up on the colors of the diffuse map beneath.

    Unlike the crisp edge of grass the fur material would be softened/blurred at the edges.

    As an example if you had a sheep skin rug or even specific foliage you could achieve a softer effect.

    I suppose this could also occur as an expansion within the grass function itself.

    Maybe there is implementation of sliders to control grass height, softness/crispness, and wind/static and in using these sliders we could achieve a fur look.

    I apologize if this request has already been posted; I could not find it in the search function or while browsing.

    Please let me know your thoughts, Thank you!

    • Official Post

    Hey mvollrath , welcome to our forum and thank you for your feedback. :)

    The ability to have more control over grass has already been requested before, and it's filed as a feature request called "Adjustable Grass Options" on our agenda. There were also wishes to have this implemented to simulate fur, plush carpets, etc.

    Through your voice I've happily given the topic a further upvote and added your feedback as well.