Sketchup - Enscapel won't open on 3.4, opens fine on 3.2

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  • We have someone in our office using 3.2 and developed a sketchup model. Noone else in the office with 3.4 can start the enscape model. Gets to 99%, then hangs and submit feedback window appears. We are unable to submit the feedback because Sketchup will then bugsplat.

    I have tried:

    turning off offline assets

    If I downgrade another person's computer to 3.2 Enscape will open that file no problem.

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    Please kindly send us a feedback report manually from one of the machines where this issue occurs:…sing-the-feedback-button/

    This will allows us to investigate the log files and machine information accordingly, to then ideally offer a solution of course.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Done - I always forget about that button (which mean we don't have a lot of crashes!)


    I very much appreciate it! You can expect a reply back in just one or two working days. Thank you!

  • Looks like it is a known bug - I followed option 2 and it resolved my issue

    Looking at your logfiles, I see you’ve hit a known bug in our current release related to texture material files linked via the Enscape Material Editor. Because the Enscape Material Editor adds additional material options outside of the native Sketchup options, the data is stored in the Program Files of the original machine. In previous versions, image files linked in the Enscape Material Editor were cleanly disconnected when the project moved from one storage location to another; however, this bug disrupts this disconnection and results in a corrupted image file instead.

    In order to solve this, you will either need to:

    • Update to our 3.5 Preview version, where this bug is addressed. Previews are unstable by nature due to them being unfinished products; however, this is the easiest method of fixing this.
    • Manually review all textures in the Enscape Material Editor, looking for either yellow error warnings in the place of the texture image or transparency cutout textures that are png files. Clicking the “x” on any of these selections will disconnect the file data.