Importing/Creating a new HDR Scene (environment)

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  • Greetings!

    We are creating a SketchUp :sketchup:model for a project in South Africa and have a very different mountain context other than the peaked, snow covered ridges of the default mountain environment.;) [Using current version 3.4.4 of Enscape and al updated drivers]

    Here are my very 'Nooby' questions;

    • Does Enscape have any other HDR environments other than the default "Mountains" that are available, and if so, where would they reside on our computer once downloaded?
    • Is there a different image format type we can use where we may be able to import an HDR Environment from other sources?
    • If we cannot download any appropriate HDR scenes, is there a workaround that will provide a suitable background that will work with the skies for Enscape still views?

    Thank you in advance for any assistance!

    • Official Post

    Welcome to our Forum and thanks for your inquiry.

    Right away, please check out the following comprehensive knowledgebase article here which goes into further detail regarding your questions. At the bottom there are also links to free HDR files you can use with Enscape.

    Alongside that you can also select another "Horizon" by adjusting the "Source", which is the same menu used for importing your own HDR files to be used as a background.