Which impact will make A.I. on Rendering in the near future?

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  • Hello Forum,

    Midjourney, StableDiffusion etc. can produce High End Renderings in seconds, only by typing in some prompts. And I guess in the near future it will be possible, to use self made raw 3d models as source and AI will take care of the rest in no Time. (Thread in the SketchUp-Forum, who showed a workflow similar for this: https://forums.sketchup.com/t/…egmentation-colors/226449)

    So I ask myself, which workflow / possibilities can we expect in the future from Apps like Enscape/Vray? Or could it even happen that Apps like these become obsolete in the near future an AI will take over?

    What are your opinions? What are your expectations?

    Greetings, Peter

  • Peter Blickle

    Changed the title of the thread from “Which impact will make A.I. on Rendering in near future?” to “Which impact will make A.I. on Rendering in the near future?”.
  • So far the AI 'renders' I've seen online have been 'like' the model provided but NOT exactly the same.

    If I was to submit anything like that, no matter how good it looked I'd be asked (and probably not politely) "Why did I change the roof design?" or "Why are the windows all wrong?" or "Why isn't there any gutters and why does the downpipe go diagonally" etc etc

    What's more, If I was to request AI to generate 5/10/however many views of the same model I almost guarantee they'd be quite different content/styles. Additionally, coming back to it in 6 months to make 'slight amendments' would be a complete nightmare.

    The 'future' of architectural visualization may be AI but certainly not the present nor do I suspect the near present.

  • Paul, I think it doesn´t take long, till it´s possible, to upload an own rough model or even a 2d drawing, which can be illustrated by AI. With full control of all surfaces, lighting etc.

    Take look at this Video, from Minute 7:00.

    YT, "Architect´s sketch to photo":

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  • I have been expermenting in AI in architecture for the last year, I have tried MidJourney, Versa, Chat GPT, and now Fire Fly. In my opinion the only two that I have found viable is Fire Fly and a little bit of MidJourney. While Fire Fly still has it's quirks it does somethings really well especially when asking it to do background assets, ones not in focus. MidJourney on the other hand I have used for brain storming and programing, sometimes using it to try and imagine a theme in my head before attempting the render. I haven't tried control net, but it seems to be a somewhat viable option in the industry.

    Where I really think AI will improve our workflow sooner then we think is AI generated 3D objects, I can see this coming fast to the industry and be the norm for populating your scenes. No more searching through countless websites to find the perfect golfcart model when you can just ask for it to be created. I think the first application to go full speed into this industry will have the upper hand by the end, though I don't see the need for rendering applications disappearinganytime soon. Especially due to some of the unexpected results I have encountered in my studies.

  • Meanwhile I did some testing with AI Renderings myself. My Goal was, to get realistic Renderings out of the Screenshots, taken from my modeling software. These are the results with StableDiffusion/ControlNet. The workflow with this programs is to mix prompts with drawings.

    As you can see, the results are not very accurate. And it is hard to get control over details. But it´s impressive anyway. So now I wonder how (or if) Enscape will implement AI in the near future.