Enscape assets texture preview within Sketchup model?

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  • Hi. We're using Sketchup with Enscape. We produced several master plan perspective views for a client and they are happy. Now they asked for the Sketchup file to be used by other consultants. We informed and showed them that the file contains Enscape assets (trees, cars, people, site furniture) that don't translate well in Sketchup i.e. the assets will appear as white 3D objects with no texture. They asked us to replace them with generic Sketchup assets. Its a huge master plan that has hundreds of trees, people and cars, etc. Needless to say, replacing them with SU trees, etc would take a lot of work.

    Is there a way to have Enscape assets show their textures? Doesn't have to be highly detailed. Even just flat colors will do (green for leaves, brown for tree trunks..) Bushes needs to be readable as bushes/shrub planting, not white blobs.

    Or is there a automated way to replace Enscape assets with SU assets and quickly update the whole model? Thanks!