Can we add our own 3D assets and make "variations" in Enscape 3.5?

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  • Just watched the newest Enscape 3.5 video!

    First of all congratulations to the dev team! Enscape is slowly moving forward to increase its rendering quality. Looking forward for what's to come next.

    I have a question about the new 3D asset variations. I work at a famous furniture company and we produce items with varying degrees of variations (finishing materials, different table legs etc). Can we make 3D assets of our furnitures with all the variations in one item? Currently it takes a huge effort to create individual variations of the same furniture and the whole library gets cluttered very easily. Would be nice to add our own 3D assets with its own variants, that would save us hours of time.

    Thank you.

  • +1 from me.

    It would be fantastic if the variations as well as the color and material adjustments would be possible for custom assets, as we also rely heavily on our custom assets.

    I hope this is something you will be able to add in a future update.

  • I would also like to see this functionality for custom assets.

    And I want to be able to be able to allow the end user of my custom assets to override the materials as they chose, and not be limited to a predefined of preconfigured materials inside the asset.