Categories pop out window limits viewable categories. Can we please have custom subcategories?

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  • Hi,

    Finally redid our entire library and while it looks good and works as intended, our users cannot see all the categories. Can we please have subcategories?

    Tree--> Aspen


    I dont want to put all my tree assets in a Tree category because then the users would still need to search even further. I think our whole industry would benefit from Parent and children folders.

    Or at least can we get the option to scroll down? If this remains the same we wont be able to purchase any more custom assets since they will push the lower categories down and out of the pop out window. I thought about separating the categories into tree species, deciduous, conifer, etc types but then it goes back to the older problem of users having now way to easily find their asset in a sea of thousands. And in the months to come when we add more assets, the problem would eventually come back.

    The attached image shows our two bottom categories cut off with no way of seeing them.

    It would make our users lives SO much better.

    Let me know what you think.