SketchUp crashes when trying to adjust materials in Enscape Material Editor

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  • I am using SketchUp 2022 and Enscape 3.4.4. My clients' SU file is around 178MB which shouldn't be causing any issues however when I try to adjust any materials or bring in a map or select the albedo option to adjust a material, I am constantly getting bug splats. I cannot send anything via Enscape's feedback as the bug splat shuts everything down. I have updated to the latest Studio Driver and have purged the model and running out of ideas. I am on a tight deadline and this is a real concern. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  • Did you by chance import a jpeg image to be used as material? This happened to me before, I downloaded a jpg texture from the web to be used as material and for no reason, I started getting repeating bugsplats. I cleaned and purged the file, turned off layers but to no avail. I then deleted that one jpg texture and it solved my crashes.