Shadows in 2D Faceme Components

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  • I am a new Enscape user, currently using Enscape for Mac with Sketchup 2023, pending arrival of a Windows machine.

    I am wondering why I am seeing all my 'faceme' plants half in shade and half in sun? It seems they look this way unless I can get the sun perfectly behind the camera in the view. It looks awful. I really need to use lots of these 2D components as I just found out Mac users can't access the material library and also I want the correct species for the project.

    I've tried fiddling with settings, to no avail so far. I would appreciate any tips, I am heading toward a deadline and I don't want to have to revert to V-Ray to get decent output.


    ps, struggling with grass a bit. I'd like this to look like a newly cut lawn, not rough grass from the roadside!

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  • SketchUp's FaceMe components DONT dynamically turn to the camera/sun in Enscape as you move around the model.

    They will remain at the angle they were at when Enscape was started.

    Also as they are actually simple flat faces with pictures of plants applied to them the shadow cast will be of the flat face and not the plant.

  • OMG, that's something that I managed not to see in during my trial - I've no idea how I missed it. It's a deal breaker for me as I simply cannot work without these faceme plants, I have a huge library I have put together over the years, the Enscape 3D entourage is too generic and not realistic enough.

    I’ve just had a look at this and it seems that the components do turn to face the camera, but the shadows don’t update? Weird since you might expect shadows to update if the time of date or other atmospheric settings were changed.

    If this can’t be fixed I think I might be requesting a cancellation of my subscription (1 week in, fingers crossed I can get it) and reverting to VRay. What a shame.

  • Do some more experimenting before you jump. Make a basic model with a cross section of your plant types/conditions and play with camera/settings etc.

    I strongly suggest you DONT initially use an existing model like your image above, trying to diagnose what’s going on/what you can achieve will be a lot easier with a simple model made just for testing.

    For example did you change the material type to ‘foliage’ in the Enscape material settings for your plants? That could make a big difference.

    With regard to the grass, it’s a common complaint, it’s good for large areas but poor close up.

    Do you have the SketchUp Skatter plugin?, it can do really nice grass BUT only for small areas, using it on a large are will bring any computer to its knees.

  • That's good advice and I have indeed been having a play with s simple scene. I have a tree with a clear trunk, a rounded shrub and a mound forming shrub. The latter exhibits the problems the most.

    My conclusions are

    • FaceMe components do in fact turn to face the camera in Enscape but the angles are more pronounced than in the SU viewport. It is particularly noticeable with components which are near to the camera and embedded in the ground plane so you see the angle across the base.
    • The shadow of the component as seen on the ground plane and objects behind appears to be correctly moving with the sun/time of day
    • Components are incorrectly shadowing themselves, the shadow is perpendicular to the sun and runs through the centre (component axis), so half of it is visible. This visible part is also cast onto the ground plane.
    • Changing material types appears to have no effect
    • Toggling 'shadow faces sun' in SU has no effect.

    I use large numbers of these components in models and Vray handles them very well. I had hoped to speed my workflow with the Enscape as VRay is actually a bit overcomplicated for my needs but I can't use the Enscape output as it stands now.