3.5 is extremely unstable and very difficult to use

REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.
  • Our issue appears to be specific to worksessions. While 3.4 handles worksessions fine, the issue is easily replicated on 3.5+. We have tested this with worksessions referencing files from a server as well as completely local. So it's the same issue regardless of file location and also eliminates any questions of network connectivity being the source of the issue imo

  • 3.5.1 was a no go for us as well. Material handling seems to be choking the model pipeline. Any update to the scene, by simply importing ootb Enscape material assets or our own custom assets (regardless of bitmap parameters), causes significant loading times and lag in scenes. This makes the instance of Rhino we are running unusable while Enscape is active.

    Texture mapping errors abound as well. This appears to affect blocks in linked model scenarios (e.g., we have a skeleton model with all of our models linked and layers referenced) when design teams need to collaborate and cannot have every element live within the same model. We end up purging models, recreating materials with unique names (thank you grasshopper), and relinking new block instances with mixed results. Refreshing textures and shading doesn't repair the mapping errors.

    We have already submitted error reports and received the boilerplate driver update procedures.

    Rolling back to 3.4.4.

    Please let us know when to expect a stable Rhino release.

    Kind regards,

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    We're sorry you have to deal with these issues in our latest release - Currently we're working under pressure to add further fixes with our next upcoming service pack soon. One of our developers will notify me right away once we know more, so then I'll be able to share any further updates or an ETA here. Meanwhile we do reccomend using 3.4.4 instead.

  • I can’t share the file as it’s confidential, However, I’m sure many other rhino users are experiencing similar issues.

    Typically I wouldn’t be annoyed but this isn’t a beta release, rather, it’s a stable release that is for a paid software (a monthly subscription no less). I hope the developers and the company understand the implications of an issue like this especially since many of us work on company computers and admin access to roll the software back and update the software isn’t something that is readily available.

  • I have exactly the same issue with Rhino+Enscape. I work in a company and reported the issue to ICT. It is not possible to roll back to the older version as older version has other issues with sketchup and revit. So the solution of rolling back does not work for me. I had to work overtime for a presentation due to this issue and I registered my account specially for this issue.

    Please make sure your updates is always at least workable before releasing. It is not a bug, but a serious issue. I wonder if your developers have enough pressure. Please release an workable updated version ASAP.

  • Can anyone tell me how to solve it? The rectangular lights draw shadows instead of lighting the model. In addition, a really annoying red glow appears at times.

    To this, I would add that after years nothing has been done to integrate IES profiles into a real-time engine for architecture (not even now that you set out to incorporate vray into the workflow)?

    I would add that the lights set as inverse square are completely broken and cannot be adjusted by intensity, I am forced to use the general slider from enscape but then I cannot adjust them individually.

    I don't understand, don't you test your software? Can't you try them in real case studies?

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    Hello gdarch ,

    I'm sorry for the issues you are experiencing. The example you shared is something that could very well be caused for example by an outdated graphics card driver.

    Please be so kind as to send in some Feedback to our support team, so they can help analyze what exactly is causing your issues.

    You can find a description how to share Feedback with us here: https://learn.enscape3d.com/bl…eedback-button-win-rhino/

    Thanks for your help! I hope we can solve your issue quickly.

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    Just as another brief heads up: Our developers have now fixed the cause of these main behaviors/problems discussed here internally and our next upcoming service pack will include those fixes. I'll notify everyone in this thread as well once 3.5.2 has been released so that you can upgrade right away.

  • I am experiencing instability with version 3.5.1 in Revit 2023. Screen freezes and cannot move in the model. I downgraded to 3.4 which is better; however, I now have the issue that this version does not seem to run in Revit 2024 and I have to be able to work in both versions of Revit.

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    I am experiencing instability with version 3.5.1 in Revit 2023. Screen freezes and cannot move in the model. I downgraded to 3.4 which is better; however, I now have the issue that this version does not seem to run in Revit 2024 and I have to be able to work in both versions of Revit.

    In that case please also submit us a feedback report with logs as detailed here. Even though you've already downgraded back to 3.4 we'll still receive all the necessary information to troubleshoot this further.

    I appreciate it and thanks a lot in advance.

  • Hi Demian Gutberlet , Thank you for the update. However, i do think there is an issue here that needs addressing such the release of such an unstable version and this followed by such a large gap between the release of emergency fixes. As you know, Architecture is a rapid industry with constant deadlines and urgent deliverables. It should be noted that enscape, of which the development has slowed considerably, forms a critical part of that workflow and value chain.

  • its been nearly 1 month(actually closer to 2 if we include the original 3.5 update), extremely disappointed. We have a enscape license renewal exercise(I believe my company has 15 active licenses) coming up, I have informed the IT Dept to look into D5 render and Twinmotion as alternative render engines.

    We cannot and I repeat, cannot afford such disruptive updates spoiling our workflow. Deadlines are being missed by my team and cross compatibility is an issue with inconsistent render quality as the update works on one computer with a certain file and a single change can make that same file crash. On another computer, enscape doesn't even boot up. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED.

  • To anyone in this thread, please be aware that we've just released our service pack 3.5.2 which should resolve these main issues detailed here. If you still experience any problems thereafter, let us know by also submitting a further feedback report with logs, just in case you do.

    jaias92 , I'm very sorry to hear that of course. I can understand your frustration and have forwarded the feedback as well accordingly. Hopefully you still also get to try our latest update now. Make sure to of course also submit a report in case you still experience anything out of the ordinary thereafter.

    Thanks for the update. Unfortunately the issue is still here, just the same as people have being complained for 2 months in this thread. I'm sorry but it's unbelievable.