Vastly different results between stills and animation

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  • Troubleshooting this for a user. Live on-screen and still exports look as expected, but when an animation is generated, the results are vastly different, with odd shadows/lighting.

    If I preview the animation in the Enscape window, all looks as expected, and it plays basically real-time. Live navigating around the model looks fine. It is only when saving out the animation that there is an issue. To me it looks like Escape is just "giving up" and not including all the geometry in the shadow calc in order to get the frames generated faster.

    It is a pretty large Revit 2021 file with lots of linked-in furniture and equipment. Images are simplified for testing purposes. You can see the horizon/extents of the Section box in the images (for testing purposes.) My initial thought was light getting in as a result of the crop, but the extent of the crop box doesn't really make a difference.

    - RAM and VRAM are nowhere near maxing out (monitored with Task Manager and GPU-Z)

    - Reset all prefs to Enscape defaults. Auto-contrast is turned off.

    - No time of day overrides in the animation path

    - Exported at "high" and "ultra" quality with similar results. (turning down to "medium" mostly corrects the issue, but that is not a desirable workaround.)

    - Tried and duplicated on entirely different PCs/GPUs - combination of Intel/AMD CPU - RTX A4000 (RTX) / Titan Xp (no RTX)

    - We are using Enscape 3.4.x but tested with 3.5, same results

    - Updated and backdated nvidia drivers, same results

    - Tried with and without RTX features enabled, same results.

    - Internal Revit origin is within the building, not 20+ miles away.

    I understand there is a limited amount of support that can be done without gathering the file and all the links, At this point I'm mostly looking for other people's experiences and comments from the Enscape team, if this is generally expected behavior, or if there is something else I may be missing. Thank you.