Enscape doesn't work on Sketchup ?

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  • Hello,

    I have Sketchup 2023 and Enscape 3.5.0. I'm using Enscape ok Sketchup for the 1st time in a couple of years. It used to work. We usually use Revit daily but for this project we have a .skp file. I have a Sketchup Trimple license.

    When I launch Enscape, it's very weird there is no shadows, no textures, no cloud, my mouse and movement parameters are set to default and I can't change them even though the slider moves.

    Something very weird and buggy is happening and I don't know what. Anyone have any ideas ?

    Here's what the scene looks like. as you can see, no shadows, the scene is very dark.

  • JSANDERS , does this occur with every SketchUp project and at the moment 3.5 also still works fine with Revit I reckon? (In case you currently have Revit available to try on that machine alongside)

    If you could also try a clean reinstall of removing any existing version of Enscape on your machine and then try re-installing 3.5 to see if that makes any difference then that would be great, and if this occurs in every SketchUp scene please also send us a feedback report with logs. Should this only occur in this select scene, then of course it would be ideal to receive the project instead instead.

    Thank you in advance.