VIVE Elite XR Button Mapping Issues

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  • Using the new Vive Elite XR with Enscape, and everything works fine but.... It appears that the key bindings on the controller don't work properly. I am able to jump from place to place with the triggers, however trying to do and free movement in fly mode doesn't work. Any suggestions for getting the controllers to work properly? attempted remapping in Steam to no avail. Not that it should make a difference but working with Enscape in Revit.

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    bryanmbrady , thanks for the report - I've inquired our developers about this and there actually should not be such a mapping issue, so we'd really like to look into this further.

    All you have to do for now is submit a feedback report with logs, as we also track headset related info that should helps us with troubleshooting this further.

    Thank you again in advance and your cooperation is appreciated here to resolve this.