Envision 23, or I mean 22?

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  • What happened to it? This morning I was wondering when the convention would be coming and couldn't believe that its been 2 years now since 21 and Envision 22 never existed. I thought this such a beneficial and informative event and would love to see another round. While technologically there may not be a lot to present it would be interesting to see you to give a platform for artist to present their work and have the ability for Q & A. I could see lectures on post processing, matte painting/photo bash, 3D modeling, talks from BIM managers giving their tips to optimize the use of Enscape. Even professionals in the industry that are using Enscape --> Vray and how this improves client relations. I am sure there is legal logistics and financing that go into events like these that make them complicated to run but I believe it is beneficial to the growth of the community and can help raise the bar for beginners. There is also still a small tutorial presence for Enscape of YouTube and these lectures could go there after the event helping the catalog of literature for beginners. I think these events have a lot of potential and it also forces speakers to get creative to top what was shown or presented the previous year, this in turn forces innovation and experimentation.

  • Hello,

    thank you for your contribution and your thoughts. I'm glad to read that you like Envision, I really appreciate that. You are right, these kind of events are really important.

    We will have another version of Envision (or with a different name) in the future. After the merger, we had so many opportunities to connect our community at in-person events, and we have those again now.

    I would include your ideas in my planning document. Would it be okay if I could contact you directly if we find a better way for the next Chaos/Enscape event? I would like to get your feedback.


  • Hi, Bjoern,

    I completely understand this, I actually think it would be a great resource to have VRAY involved in the conference with industry leaders. It would be such a cool conference to have members from the AEC world, digital artists, and matte painters all learning from each other. It's exciting to even think about a conference with this many like-minded talented professionals! Please include anything you would like and feel free to contact me anytime!