Sun resets after rendering screenshot

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  • Hi,

    Our firm constantly runs into this issue across all Revit versions and Enscape versions.

    I am currently in 3.5 and I am surprised this is still happening? Some files it is worse than others and we cant seem to pinpoint the reason that causes this. Each user has the issue happen at different times of the project.

    This scene is a simple scene created for rendered previews of our families. right out of the box file. We did notice that once you click the camera again it sometimes sets back correctly, but often times it does not.

    What do we need to change to prevent this from ever happening again. Users are now reverting back to writing down the time of day each time they want to re-render. I have recorded a video in hopes that helps. Is is something in the Revit side of things?

  • Would love an answer on this. I am exporting views with different options all the time, keeping the sun position constant is a must.

    The problem is the sun resets after the export, so my workflow is now:

    1. Change option tag visibilities in Sketchup
    2. Click on the view again in Enscape View management (wait for sun to reposition)
    3. Export next option (then sun resets)

    When it should be

    1. Change option tag visibilities in Sketchup
    2. Export next option (then sun does not reset).

    Also, no matter what, when a new view is created in Enscape View Manager, Sketchup saves "visible tags" properties of the views, which I need to uncheck in Sketchup order to run the workflow above. Otherwise, only the option tag active when the view was created is visible, and we have established that I need to click on the view name in View Management in order to get the sun to go back to the correct position.

    For me to get Enscape to recognize the change in the "Visible Tags" scene property, I must exit and restart Enscape. So now I need to set up all my views in Enscape first, then uncheck "Hidden Objects" and "Visible Tags" in Sketchup, close Enscape and relaunch Enscape. If I want to create any new views, I wait until I export all the established views because, and I haven't even gotten into this, Hidden Geometry reappears when you create an Enscape view.

    The simplest way to resolve this is to keep the sun position following an export of an Enscape View. Please let me know if there is a way to do this.

    Also I have to restart Enscape if a cutting object moves, as the old cut does not regenerate.