Filled sections

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  • Enscape does not (currently) support the auto display section fills toggle in SU; turn it off to see what it will look like in Enscape.

    However there is a simple work-around:

    - R-click on your section plane and create group from slice

    - select the move tool and move this outside of your geometry * (I normally hit [down arrow], move the mouse up and type [10000] to shove it above the model)

    - turn off the display section planes

    - enter into the group that was created and draw a large rectangle to encompass all the lines

    - select all, r-click and explode. if there is anything blue (selected) then repeat until it's all exploded.

    - get rid of all the floor and outside rectangle fills (should leave you with walls all filled in)

    - exit the group and fill it with a dark colour

    - (optional: create a layer called "section" and assign this group to that layer - the visibility of this group can now be toggled with a tic)

    - move it down by 10001

    - activate the section plane again.

    (* the group you just created becomes the selection - if you click anything else before moving it then you will probably find it really annoying trying to select it again; it seems to be under everything you click on.)

  • You're not clicking on the section plane - you need to make sure that there is no geometry under your mouse or you click on one of the section corner indicators. (It's tricky - click on the "view extents" button and you should be able to see the corners)

    BTW anyone know if the SU SKALP plugin works with Enscape?

  • Yes, you are right, thank you.

    Sorry, one more question: if we can not make sections within a group in SP and have them visible in Enscape; is there a way to set a section just in part of the model, not whole and have it visible in Enscape?

    Thank you

  • I don't think so (but welcome to be corrected). Perhaps Skalp would do it?

    The only way I know to do that would be in post-production (create two renders and then merge the relevant bits in image manipulation software). With the speed of rendering Enscape offers, it could be worth spending time on it.