License service is not reachable

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  • Hello,

    I recently bought enscape and cant seem to activate my license. Im using enscape in sketchup and I keep getting the comment 'License service is not reachable- check internet connection and network setting.' I've seen a lot of people have this issue on this forum but dont see an answer how to get this resolved. I've also contacted someone from enscape and they have asked my to whitlist some addresses in the firewall.

    My firewall is not the issue as it is not blocking anything and I have tried turning it off and starting the whole process over again with no luck. Im not using any proxies either so its not that. Within the addresses I was told to whitelist I would like to point out that while I can connect to them they are not giving me any content. I've tired logging in from another computer and it works fine. It looks like its just my computer that is effected for some reason.

    Can anyone advise? Thanks!

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    As I can tell you're already in contact with one of our developers directly as this behavior seems to require some further troubleshooting - Please stay in touch with us this way through e-mail and if anything else comes up in the meantime, you can let me know here as well.