Rhino Default Lighting Objects Doesn't work in Enscape

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  • Dear all,

    I am trying to create a bird view at night time in Rhino with a lot of building and street lighting.

    But when I try to use a simple test to input rhino's default lighting into Enscape, I found that the direction light and Rectangular light doesn't work.

    Does anyone succeed to apply the direction light before?

    I realize there is one issue in Enscape, when you work on the model for a while, when change some setting like materials or lighting, it just stop to renew the model even though I am sure the live update is enabled. I can only make it update by restarting the computer.

    Is it because I have run out of the memory?

    Attached my quick test model using rhino default lighting.

    Appreciate for any suggestion,



  • I realize the Enscape for Rhino lighting only works on mm unit with pretty small objects.

    You can see the first image showing those lightings work on small objects ( but grass displaysment will go wrong).

    Once I set it to an architecture scale with meter unit. The lighting fail to display. (Only the self-illumination object is still on).

    I think it is a crucial bug for Rhino Enscape...

    Although I can scale down the model by changing unit to mm but all the saved views gone and materials need to re-adjust and I cannot use grass displaysment any more...

    Can anyone resolve it in the new version please?



  • No, directional light doesn't work at any setting.

    But what I am really concern is that all the lighting doesn't work at architecture scale. I hope I can do a bird eye view night scene rendering without changing the model scale.


  • Micha  JACK.Z Enscape tries to limit the range of artificial lights to meaningful values to increase the z-resolution of the shadow map. For this purpose the surrounding geometry and the intensity of the light is taken into account. In the image it looks like the light might be a few hundred meters/millimeters above the geometry, and I can see a light with intensity "0" in one screenshot. This light obviously does not work.

    Regarding updates no longer working: please send feedback (with a link to this thread), we can take a look at the log files and see if we can find what is going on.

  • Simon, I think you are right. I check the model, the lightings are too far from the building so it doesn't affect the model. But I think even though it is far shouldn't it still case a little bit dim lighting effects on building?

    For the direction light, it doesn't work no matter the intensity or distance. See attached screenshot.

    I have one more query -- why the linear light works light a circular spot light wash on the build top?

    Shouldn't it work like a T5 lighting?

    Attached a rhino model FYI.


  • Will there be a correct display of Rhino Lights in files with 'meter' units?

    I left you a reply in the dedicated thread you created. :)

    Lighting effect in rhino meter unit is rather weak/dim.

    Could you send me a screenshot of that, and let me know the light "Intensity" you set? If possible, you can also just send me the project with a short description alongside.

  • JACK.Z , gladly. Have you sent it to support@enscape3d.com on that date? Which e-mail address did you use? Otherwise you can also send me a PM with the link. ;)

  • Hi!
    Enscape 2.90, some light types aren't working still.

    Working, and casting shadows:

    - spot lights

    - point lights

    Not working as expected:

    - linear lights behave like point lights

    - rectangular lights behave like point lights, too

    Not working:

    - directional lights

    A partial workaround is to use object lights (meaning some geometry with an Enscape emitter material). However, shadow casting won't work then.

    These are serious shortcomings regarding lighting tools. Can we expect a fix anytime soon? The initial post was more than 2 years ago!