mirrors not showing what's in the room

  • Wonder if anyone can help me.

    I have a gym that ive modelled where it has mirrors on opposite walls. The reflection isn't showing a true reflection of the room & missing stuff out?


    I have experience this before where the mirror has even removed a door in the reflection & showing a room beyond when there is actually a wall there see below


    Any tips how I can prevent this? I've used the standard mirror material in sketchup

  • Tracyheywood

    Changed the title of the thread from “mirrors not shoing what sin the room” to “mirrors not showing what's in the room”.
  • There are limitations with reflections with the type of very fast rendering tech that enscape uses - this is one of them.

    It certainly is worth making sure you have the latest version of enscape installed - 3.5 , this has some changes to try and help with this this type of thing - whilst keeping enscape performing as well as you would expect

  • From what I see, all the objects are visible, which means that you have nice low-triangle geometry, but they don't have the correct colors/shading. Reflections have a lot of limitations when the reflected objects are not visible on screen. We solve those problems by utilizing hardware ray tracing on cards that support it.

    There are some thoughts of porting the new rendering technology to work without hardware ray tracing but there is little guarantee that this will be released; and if released, how fast it will be.

  • Thanks again! I've just contacted our old I.T company that know my computer well & he said i would need a new computer to support the better graphics card as mines old & doesn't have enough power apparently...more expense :0(. I'm only 1 year into starting me company after our whole company pretty much was made redundant so once things start levelling out i will need to purchase new everything & fingers crossed it doesn't die on me before.