(very) low poly vegetation assets/bill boards for basic GPUs

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  • Hi all,

    We are encountering an issue with our designers starting to way outstrip their workstation's (T2000 GPU...yeah, I know) capabilities, mainly through using a lot of vegetation (primarily the Globeplant "low poly" assets) on enormous scenes. As anyone who has worked at a large company knows, having custom specified machines for individual users isn't an option. We will be upgrading to the new GPU range later this year but I suspect they will still have issues with these scenes.

    Hoping someone can point me to some REALLY low poly assets/billboards (if they work in Enscape)? Or suggest a workflow tweak?

    Personally, I think they have been seduced by Enscape a bit much - spending more time rendering and fixing problems than actually designing, without understanding its technical limitations. Tale as old as time...