Web standalone export error "An error occurred during the upload; please try again later."

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  • Web standalone export is not working.

    I have tried the solutions I could find on the forums. However, I keep getting "An error occurred during the upload; please try again later."

    I checked I had the latest version, tried to restart the PC, attempted the export in a brand new project, and checked the connection to the server. Nothing works. I have seen this issue in other threads, but it hasn't been resolved. It looks like an issue on your end.

    This issue dates from years ago, and you have completely ignored it.

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    Voxel , please check out the current workaround to circumvent this behavior:

    RE: Web Standalone not uploading

    A user has already reported that reverting back to 3.4, and then back to 3.5 actually helped entirely.

    This is not an issue we haven't resolved throughout the years but it's rather a problem that was unfortunately introduced with Enscape 3.5 - A dedicated fix for this will also be added with another hotfix update very soon, making the workaround not required anymore.

    Until then you can simply try said workaround. Let me know just in case you run into any other issues what so ever, thank you in advance!