Enscape compatibility with Meta Oculus Quest 2

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  • Hello,

    We are thinking on purchasing a Meta Oculus Quest 2 for using with Revit/Sketchup + Enscape.

    Is this product supported with the latest versions of Enscape? And if so, is there a knowledge article with instructions for setting it up for best performance?

    Thank you


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    Thanks a lot for your inquiry.

    While the Meta Quest 2 is not officially supported by Enscape (and will not be anytime soon), users still report using it successfully in their day to day workflow - It really depends on your machines performance regarding how much you can turn up our Visual Quality via the settings alongside the set resolution of the headset itself.

    If you can let me know which graphics card you're currently utilizing I can at least give you a rough idea regarding what you can expect in terms of quality output possible.

    You can also refer to our VR system requirements here:


    And we have a dedicated VR headset knowledgebase article here too, but it only covers the basics:


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    Thank you!

    The RTX 3080 is definitely well suited for Enscape VR in combination with the Quest 2 in this case - The GTX 1080 Ti should work with smaller scenes and through lowering the rendering quality. I'm confident you'll have a better experience with the 3080 though, especially if you plan on showcasing more complex / larger scenes from the get go.

    If you have any further more specific questions regarding this subject let me know anytime.

  • Hi Demian! So I've been asking about this for a while now, and have been using Enscape with Quest 2 successfully so far. Now we're getting Quest 3 with color passthrough and the ability to use a tracked keyboard. This means that Enscape users will be able to edit their model on the fly from INSIDE the VR scene.

    This is a really good reason to port Enscape to Oculus. It would be the most compelling way to work in all of design.