Giant white box for custom assets. Why wont my placeholder geometry show?

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  • I created a few custom assets, and had to scale them in the custom asset editor. I placed them into my scene and the placeholder geometry is a GIANT white box. But when I launch Enscape Render, they show up correctly. I tried importing placeholder geometry into the editor, but I am still getting these HUGE white boxes instead of appropriatly sized placeholder geometry.
    Is there something I'm missing? I have been sure to save my work. But still getting these big boxes that make working in Sketchup very difficult.


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    davidhard , I'm sorry to hear about that - Could you perhaps share one of the affected model/placeholder geometry with me so that I can try to reproduce this myself? In the meantime you can also make sure to simply reinstall Enscape by uninstalling 3.5 first and then reinstalling 3.5.1 which you can acquire directly here.

    That may not resolve this behavior right away, but it's still worth a try, especially updating to our latest service pack.

    Thank you very much in advance David.

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    What a difference a day makes! I guess all I needed to do was come back to it. Now it's coming into my model just fine.
    I close all of my models and restart my computers. Seems to have cleared up the issue.


    That's really great to hear of course thanks for letting me know!

    As always, if you experience this again or any other problem in the future don't hesitate to reach out.

  • I had similar issue when doing my custom assets. if I remember correctly I had to export models to obj.. It was long time ago.. I remember only it had something to do with import-export units while. I guess it had to be [m]. But my place holder simply was huge.. it didn't change to the box. It did in one case when I forgot to indicate the placeholder geometry..