Poll: Asset Categories to focus on

  • What categories should we focus on in our asset library 247

    1. People (135) 55%
    2. Animals (17) 7%
    3. Indoor furniture (98) 40%
    4. Outdoor furniture (42) 17%
    5. Vegetation (146) 59%
    6. Vehicels (72) 29%
    7. Eletronics (19) 8%
    8. Food (11) 4%
    9. Decoration and Accessories (72) 29%

    Please create a new thread about special needs in certain categories or if we missed one.

  • Thinking on this a bit more since I voted: I think that the assets shouldn't be for one-off things in a model - they should be for things that are repeated many times within one model, not used once per model over many models.

    (I got excited and only thought on my current component library - can an admin remove one vote from decoration & accessories?)

  • We do mostly interior design and for us the most useful thing would be stuff like plants in pots, trees, gadgets (phones, electronics), books, pillows, bed linen and similar stuff that you need to fill so that the space looks 'alive'. And this stuff is usually extremely heavy in polygon count so it's perfect candidate for proxies.

    We will probably never use furniture, lamps and other similar pieces because we are very picky about the design, colors and materials, of this objects and so we model 90% stuff by ourselves.

  • Flora & Fauna only* please.

    (we model everything else natively in Revit, and move to Max when our scenes need "fluff" for which we have content enough already)


    Actually, vehicles, (notably absent) would be useful. I know licensing could be tricky, but generic model types would be useful.

  • We can add a costum RPC / 3D model mappinglist.... map an RPC item with a 3D dxf object and let Enscape swap it. This way you can make your own library or the community can make one and you don't have to wait for Enscape to fill a library.

    Win Win situation

  • I would like to have some cars, and regarding vegetation:

    I really miss ivy, bamboo with thick trunk (the current one can be scaled but still doesn't achieve the right effect), water plants, pampa grass and a bigger variety of flowers.

    Also, a few animals would be great, mainly dogs, cats and birds, and finally: site entourage as traffic signals.Thanks for your effort.

  • Another vote for the ability to change the transparency of linked components. This would be greatly helpful with people, but wouldn't want to see "inside" the people if they're 3D, just the ability to make them transparent in 2D for an exported render. Or better yet, is there an ability to export a 2D render with layers? Then we could simply adjust the transparencies in photoshop.

  • We do mostly schools so from a visual point of view, expanding your library of RPC people to children (like the ones you can get at AXYZ and also with Lumion) would be a great help to us.

    Some expanded vegetation too would be nice!

  • Thank you all for the additional asset wishes and feature requests alongside! They'll all be forwarded and filed accordingly. :)

    jure , which kind of trees would you like to see implemented into Enscape in addition to the already available ones? Are you perchance not completely satisfied with the way our trees look? Thanks a lot in advance for your feedback!

    snowyweston , which kind of vehicles would you like to see in our asset library exactly? :)

  • dan_noviun so you mean short, medium and tall? I was thinking about a 10m long hedge asset and thought that you have to mean tall.

  • Please don't have an Xm long hedge unless you can size the X without distorting the foliage over much: Just a square would be perfect so that it could be rotated and you have 4 different sides for variation, you can then position them in any configuration at any length.

  • People. More diversity of age, gender and ethnicity. We're London based and our clients want to see people that reflect reality. Also as mentioned above "ghost" people with no textures would be very useful during the design phase.

    Street furniture.