Enscape works, but the rendering is crashed. What should I do?

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    didesign , could you please let me know if your machine and that mentioned representative laptop meets our system requirements in the first place?

    You can refer to them here:


    If so, please let me know. And also, does this persist in any of your scenes or perhaps just this one in particular?

  • The representative laptop is Window11 with Intel(R) Xe Graphics.

    (For reference, this is the latest model laptop)

    My laptop is also Window11, but the graphics are Intel(R) UHD Graphics620 &Radeon(TM) 540 Graphics.

    We're using sketchup2023 as the latest version of Enscape.

    There is no problem until the rendering is started, but the image continues to be broken.

    I don't know why this situation is happening..

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    didesign , I really do wish I had more positive news but, both of those machines do not meet our system requirements I'm afraid.

    Intel onboard graphics in general are not supported, and unfortunately the Radeon 540 graphics chip only has 2GB of VRAM which is simply not enough for more current releases (or even most normal sized projects). In this case we can only reccomend upgrading your existing machine(s) or even replacing it with a model that has a dedicated graphics card which we support.

    So for example the NVIDIA 2070 is listed as one of the recommended cards in our system requirements, but perhaps if there is also a certain budget you may be able to share I can also gladly give you some more detailed recommendations.

    You may also be able to make use of one of our previous releases of Enscape (3.1 or below which only requires 2GB of VRAM minimum) with the 540 graphics on your laptop, but we don't really reccomend that nor can we officially fully guarantee that it may still work, plus you'd miss out on a lot of new functionalities and such.

    In any case if you have any further questions regarding this topic let me know anytime.

  • I see..

    Excuse me, but could you recommend a graphic cards that fits the specifications of The representative laptop and my laptop each other.

    When trying to use the previous version of Enscape, Our company uses Sketchup 2023 latest version,

    so if we use it, we should use Enscape 3.4.4 version at least.

    I don't think we're in situation where we need to replace our laptops to use Enscape,

    so we'd appreciate if you could let us know if there are any other alternatives.

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    didesign , perhaps there is a system administrator or similar you can refer to, but I'm not sure whether or not you're able to simply upgrade the GPU in any of your laptops, so I'd check that first although I cannot imagine it's possible as most laptops are usually not easily replaceable/upgradeable. (At least not in terms of graphics card)

    So basically as mentioned in my last reply, if there is a chance to upgrade to machine/laptop that has at least a NVIDIA 2070 then you should be good to go - I understand if an upgrade or replacement is not possible at the moment, but I'm afraid there'll not be an alternative here if you wish to use 3.4.4 or of course 3.5+.

    The existing hardware of yours is simply unfortunately not suited for real-time applications like Enscape, or any such similar applications in general. I'm sure they are fine for daily office work and such or even offline-rendering (like V-Ray, also offered by Chaos), but Enscape requires a dedicated supported graphics card.