Enscape crash & after reinstallig, not showing in Sketchup 2021

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  • Hi,

    Enscape 3.4 (Student License) has been working pretty fine for me, but today morning it Crashed showing- Fatal error upon startup & stopped showing its Plugin in Sketchup Extension Tab.
    I looked for solutions but nothing, so i reinstalled it. But now still it does not show in the Extension Tab. I checked AppData\Roaming\Sketchup\Sketchup2020\SketchUp\Plugins also, after reading earlier threads, but it does not have Enscape file. But in C drive where i installed it the Enscape folder is visible in Programs Folder. I have attached screenshots, have a look.
    I have attached Can anyone help me install it well please.

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    Rahila860 , thanks a lot for your report and welcome to our Forum.

    In this case please uninstall any existing version of Enscape still on your machine, and then acquire Enscape 3.5.1 here:


    Afterward, please also try installing Enscape for all users this time on that machine which should help:


    Let me know in case you're not successful with this method, thanks a lot again in adavnce.