Poll: Features to focus on

  • Which Features should we add next 86

    1. Possibility to add your own content (66) 77%
    2. Individual grouping of assets (3) 3%
    3. Alter textures/colors of assets (44) 51%
    4. Possibility to work offline - local copy of assets (8) 9%
    5. Possibility to activate Asset Style options: E.g. Transparency/White mode (22) 26%

    If you're missing the option of your choice, please share it in a post.

  • What DC8Studio said. This is a must in our studio where we have a bunch of premade assets that we regularly reuse in Sketchup. The problem with loading models into sketchup is obvious - the filesize grows tremendeously once you add all the plants, decor and other 'entourage'. So we started creating library of Enscape proxies which would be perfect if we could include them into Asset Library.

  • Two things could be nice:

    * Faceme functionality and a 2D category with assets

    * a special semitransparent colored emissive material, for example for added people, so that they are looking half transparent and without shading. Like at this image, but with a little transparency.

  • We would really like to see the face-me too!

    Very important as we don't want people to be distracted with the choice of entourage people but still people to show scale.

  • it shouldn't be that hard to inpliment. I asume Enscape is swapping a rpc with a model by a code. So it uses a mapping.

    If you create your own rpc and in an parameter you have asigned a fbx then Enscape would know what to swap.

    Get a check on poly count and done... personal content

  • Custom asset should -

    1. be able to import *.FBX or *.OBJ format which supports UV unwrapping

    2. be using standard PBR material channels (spec/gloss OR metal/rough workflow), please also consider the possibility of Subsurface and AO material as it will make models looks much better.

    3. provide an asset import studio environment so we can get real time feedback of what the models look in Enscape renderer.

    4. If possible, please consider allowing 2D DWG representation for a cleaner, simplistic plan view, elevation views


  • Nuge , sonicthehedgehog Thank you for your feedback, but we're asking for features of the asset library in here. Please use "Ideas and Requests" or our development agenda.

  • cdiruAK Got your vote. We were already in discussions with Laubwerk way before we released our asset library. Lets see what we're able to provide you in the future.

  • Hey rheinason , it's not yet possible to add your own objects to our Asset Library. We're aware of the demand for this functionality though, so there is already a dedicated feature request on our agenda for it which just received a further upvote through your voice. :)

  • However you decide to implement the larger web-based asset library (great idea!), please make it easy for separate firms working on a shared model with Collaborate for Revit all to be able to see and render the assets, regardless of which firm placed them in the model. This is currently a real drawback with the Archvision RPC figures: the outline geometry of each family is included in the model, but the RPC images must be downloaded by each individual user to be able to see the figure. This is cumbersome at best, but made even more difficult because the RFA families do not have the same names as the RPC files on disk.

    I would suggest that when an Enscape web asset is first inserted into a model, its mapped image be downloaded to a local read-only folder. When a user in another firm opens the model and launches Enscape, any missing maps would be downloaded automatically to a local read-only folder on that computer (or network). Everyone stays synchronized, but the mapped images do not need to be added to the model itself.

    Also, it would be very useful to be able have the Enscape image files, including skyboxes, saved to disk somewhere other than in an individual user's Appdata > Roaming folder, which will eventually take up a lot of space on drive C:\. How about including the ability to point to these in a folder elsewhere: network, big slower data drive, etc.?

    The post was edited 2 times, last by Bill Gilliss: Just found 665 MB of textures in my User > Appdata > Roaming > Data > Textures folder, which I would prefer to keep off my boot drive. ().