Feature request: More useful error messages

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  • Hi guys,
    Working in an office with a large amount of enscape users, both Revit and Rhino.

    Most commonly I have found that problems people have with enscape have more to do with the model than with the computer. I would like to raise a feature request to have more useful error messages. What caused the error? lack of Vram, Video card timeout? Was it caused by a particular feature, like RTX or DLSS? Or at least a code of some sort, that we can then use to diagnose the problem.

    Our helpdesk often gets tickets saying "Please update my GPU drivers" .... which to us then means their Enscape crashed... They are often on the latest drivers already.

    There seems to be only one error message

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Feature request: More seful error umessages” to “Feature request: More useful error messages”.
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    Thanks a lot for the feedback of course.

    I brought this topic up to our developers but unfortunately displaying the actual cause of a problem in form of a concrete error message is not as easy as it may seem. We're still looking into potential alternatives though, something among those lines of an "inspector", but there is no ETA for that yet.

    Still, if one of your users submits a report they may also receive a (automated) message to update their GPU drivers (even if they are outdated just a few weeks/months) but then they can also reply back or submit another feedback report thereafter. It can often boil down to VRAM running full especially with larger and more complex scenes, but it always depends on the case itself.

    Feel free to also share some of the user e-mails with me (via a DM) which recently submitted a report and I can tell you more about the specific cause(s).

  • We're still looking into potential alternatives though, something among those lines of an "inspector", but there is no ETA for that yet.

    Some sort of "inspector" tool would of course be helpful, but simply changing the text of the error message would be a step in the right direction. As it is currently it leads people down a troubleshooting path that is unhelpful 95% of the time.

    This is it. This is all we need. It would save hours of troubleshooting time for all of our support staff, and probably save yourself and your tech support a bunch of time answering the same questions. Link to a page with a handful of basic tips. I'd be happy to provide suggestions on what should be on that page. (I'd also note that telling people "it is using your GPU from NVIDIA" while then suggesting to switch your GPU is probably confusing and unnecessary, but we'll ignore that for now.)