Film on glass inconsistent and wrong color

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  • Hey Guys,

    I have been trying to get the film in my project to be consistent for a few days now. Ive attached the basic steps of how it was created below. However, its basically a unique glass panel that I assigned a custom material to as a cut out. My problem is the color of the film is inconsistent. Its sometimes blue and other times white. At first I thought it may have to do with the light however when playing with the light it didn't change. Does anyone have any Idea of what may be the problem?

    Also, you will also notice my material is offset - if I don't offset my material in Revit for some reason Enscape renders it half way up the panel, I'm not sure why this is but would also love an explanation if anyone knows why this would be.

    My last question is, I went to "Screenshot (as rendering) , to check if maybe it was white there, and I cant find where the screenshot was sent. Ive gone into settings>capture> and changed the default Folder but I still cant seem to find the image - any idea where it would be saved??

    White fade is desired everywhere.

  • Designer1 Welcome to our Forum!

    Just to be on the same page:

    • Your goal is to have a white/frosted glass.
      =>Could you markup the section in which the false coloring is occurring?
    • Your missing a screenshot. The default folder (Automatic naming) was not activated when you've rendered the image?
      I'd recommend to deactivate automatic naming and check which folder gets offered as location.
      Or you could search for the chosen name in the windows explorer or for the date and time of the screenshot (auto generated name of screenshot)
  • Is the texture actually aligned correctly?

    If you haven't, you could try adding a Model Fill Pattern to the material (Graphics Tab->Surface Pattern->Choose or Make a Model Pattern, a grid the size of your Material would be best) then Texture Alignment. Then check if it lines up using a section or other suitable view.

    You can tab to grab the Model Pattern in that view and move it around.

    Here's maybe a better explanation:…4E6-F79BC2338A14-htm.html