Virtual Tour For Google Cardboard

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  • Hi All,

    I am working on a project and the client would like a virtual tour that works with Google Cardboard. I am looking to create a series of panos and when you look at a hotspot it will jump you to the next scene/pano.

    In the past, I have used Roundme but they seem to not be in business anymore. Does anyone have any alternatives that are good and will work in the way explained above? It doesn't matter if it has a cost as the fee will cover that. It really needs to be all within one tour so you can keep the phone in the headset and move from pano to pano.

    Many Thanks

  • We use 3DVista for all my pano tours, I've tested with google cardboard and it works but I've never deployed it for a project. For best results be sure to render your panos as stereo from Enscape, it'll take twice as long but the results will be night and day when viewed.

    One of our tours: .... note... there will be no interface/skin when viewing a tour in VR

  • Cardboard support is broken in most 360 platforms as they have not kept up with continual iOS updates. (assuming you want iOS support; if you only need Android there may be more options.)

    3DVista works, but that is more of a standalone app. For an online service, Seekbeak has kept up-to-date and has responsive support. The interface is not as simple as RoundMe, but there is a lot of customization available if you dig around. Note that you usually get two pop-ups when you launch a 360 (access motion and full-screen) - it can be easy to miss one of those.

    I don't necessarily agree on the stereo panos. Stereo with a pre-rendered 360 is a bit of a cheat. I don't think the online platforms support it anyway; 3D Vista probably does. Enscape's 360 viewer should of course support it, but cardboard support on that has been broken for iOS forever.

  • Thanks for all of the suggestions.

    This isn't something that I would normally offer but the client wanted a cheap alternative to actual VR and have some cardboard headsets they wanted to use.

    3DVista looked good but for £500 couldn't really justify that amount for a one-off project.

    In the end, I used Orbix360 which seems to do everything that I need and no cost for a one-off tour.

    Ideally, I would have liked to use Enscapes viewer but needed the ability to focus on a hotspot and be moved to the next camera position and this isn't supported currently in Enscape with Stereo Pano renders.