3.5 doesn't render V-Ray Materials

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  • I have just deployed a bunch of new machines to some of our people and its been reported that Rhino (sr35) models with V-ray (3.60) materials are rendering white-only using the latest (7 June) Enscape 3.5.1

    Full disclosure, I haven't the foggiest of ideas about v-ray, and yes, multiple variables have changed with the upgrade (6th gen cpu now 13th gen, QuadroK2000 now 12GB RTX3060, win10 now win11, graphics drivers etc)

    Yesterday, on the aforementioned older spec. machine, all was running fine w/ Enscape 3.3.1.

    Has something changed in 3.5 that changes how V-Ray materials are read? Cos if so, I'm going to need to rollback the version deployed - because I certainly am not asking my entire team to turn their material world upside down.

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    Thanks for the report snowyweston , I'm currently investigating this behavior and will get back to you once I have further details. Meanwhile, there is probably no chance for you to also try/acquire V-Ray 6 instead of using 3.6? That is the official version we support and will continue to support, not 3.6 I'm afraid.

    As it cannot hurt please also briefly submit a feedback report with logs as well:


    If you could let me know once it's submitted and simply add my name in the title of the report then that would be great. You'll hear back from me soon as well.

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    snowyweston , another update to share:

    The issue appears to be on Enscape's side in this case and QA will further look into it accordingly - But, for now we can already say that the issue is not reproducible with V-Ray v4 data or later (basically, data from every version after V-Ray 3.6 is read correctly by Enscape 3.5)

    As mentioned in my previous reply, if you have the chance I'd upgrade to V-Ray 6 entirely to avoid any further compatibility issues coming up sooner or later then we'd definitely reccomend doing that.

    We'll still look into resolving this behavior here at hand in combination with V-Ray 3.6 but cannot make any definite promises yet. I'll keep you posted.