Asset Library - More people - More Diversity

  • Firstly the latest version - 2.4 - is great. The Asset Library is especially useful. My only issue is the people are somewhat limited. It would be very useful to have people with a greater variance of age and ethnicity. On larger projects there is a need for more variance otherwise we end up with repetition.

    We often work in London on large public projects. Our clients are always interested in seeing visuals that represent the reality of the city's diverse population.

    Beyond that, great work.

  • Hi craig_SW

    thanks a lot for your feedback, glad to hear you're enjoying the new version of Enscape! :) Rest assured we're very much aware of this issue and definitely plan to add much more and diverse content to the Asset Library in the future! This was the initial release of the Library, where we focussed on the new functionality. We plan to provide an ongoing stream of new content with an online based library solution next.

  • For us asset library is only of limited value unless we can add our own models into it. We have a bunch of already made objects that we regularly use in our projects and to be able to have them easily accessible from asset library would be just awesome.

  • @craig_SW , @Epix 3D and @RemcoNL your asset wishes have been noted. :) Thanks!

    jure , this has already been requested before, so it's filed as a feature request on our agenda. The topic just received a further upvote through your voice! ;) Thank you as well.

  • Following ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines is an important concept in my environment so characters in poses related to ADA reach and accessibility including characters in wheelchairs are highly desirable. This also includes a visually impaired person using a support cane (or probing cane or otherwise called a white cane) to help showcase ADA rules related to mounted objects in walking paths.