Self illumination material issues..

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  • I have a material set to be self illuminated.. however, it only works about half the time in renders.. it's super irritating! I can have the material literally right next to each other on two identical objects.. one will be producing light the other will not.. I am in the middle a huge project and I need to get these renders out but I can not fix this issue and it has been an issue since day one, of getting enscape, I have just been working around it.. but now its just hurting my work.. any thoughts on the cause?

    Thank you


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    GeoWh , thanks for your inquiry - Could you perhaps share a few screenshots of this behavior so that we can see it in the scene itself directly?

    Also, please keep in mind that self illuminating materials should not be used as a main lighting source, due to natural technical limitations as well like the material only producing light when it's inside of your vision, so vice versa if the emissive material isn't in your view it may also not produce any visible light. This is probably why you run into this behavior detailed above, especially when moving around the scene or even switching between perspectives.

    To counteract this we generally reccomend using actual light sources instead, which can be combined with other emissive materials, but they shouldn't be used exclusively for lighting.

    Again if you could share some examples from your scene too that would be great.