Problem with Sound Source

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  • Hello,

    I am having some difficulties with adding some sound sources to the model.

    This one in particular is showing a Warning symbol on the Enscape window.

    I have two questions. Why is this warning coming up? And is there a source of reference, a knowledge article or something of the sort listing some best practice and workarounds when working with Sound Sources in Enscape?

    Thank you

    • Official Post

    jagostinhoCT , thanks for your inquiry.

    Right away you can check out the following knowledgebase article to read all about Enscape's sound sources in Revit:…/sound-sources-win-revit/

    Please also keep in mind that:

    "Enscape’s sound simulation is rather processor heavy, so if your project is too large or detailed, it may lead to a crash – which is why we recommend not to use too many sound sources at once."

    In that regard, can you perhaps also share the audio file with me used which brings up this warning symbol? We were able to reproduce this, but only with a faulty .mp3 file in this regard. If the file you are using works just fine when played outside of Enscape, then please also send it over so we can further investigate. Meanwhile you can also try converting the file from .mp3 to another supported format (.wav for example), which may already do the trick too.

    I appreciate any further replies!