Sun Path incorrect in Enscape

  • Hi

    We are new to Enscape but already enjoying the output and ability to jump into our ArchiCAD models in VR. I'm playing with a test project and I notice the sun path seems to be incorrect in Enscape. The project is geolocated in ArchiCAD with the correct location and orientation. We have created sun studies in ArchiCAD so I'm confident it is correct. When we adjust the time in the Enscape window the sun path seems to be mirrored or rotated by 180 degrees so the south side of the building appears as if it is the north side.

    Has anyone had a similar issue?


  • Hey simonbell , thank you very much for your inquiry. Generally, the Project Location of ArchiCAD is not yet supported by Enscape. It's on our agenda though and the topic got your upvote! Also, does adjusting any of the sun settings in ArchiCAD actually modify the sun's location in Enscape at all?

  • Thanks Demian, that would explain it. I haven't tried adjusting the sun in ArchiCAD, I was assuming the model was geolocated and that Enscape would be picking up that info. This would be a high priority wishlist item for us.

  • simonbell , through the upvote, our developers will be aware of the further demand for this implementation. :)

    Please kindly let me know in case there is anything else I can help you with.

  • Thanks Simon and Demian,

    this is high priority for us too, particularly because buildings are designed around sunlight and if you are aiming at showing a northern sun exposure while Enscape consider that side of the building south, we will never get it. Hope makes sense


  • Hey Claudio , thank you for the feedback, I've added a further upvote to the topic.

    In the meantime, you may want to make use of the keyboard shortcut CTRL + U or I to change the solar rotation. Shift + U or I on the other hand changes the solar angle, which might be of use as well. :)

  • simonbell , happy to hear that, thanks for the feedback! :) Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

  • Hi - having this issue with Revit 2019 (Enscape 2.6).

    We also have our project set up to our correct coordinates - however sun is always on the wrong side. We assume this might be because we are in New Zealand / bottom of the world.

    Is there a way to fix this? As Simon mentioned it is critical for our clients to see how the sun enters their new spaces.