Feature Request: Lock Settings

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  • When working on large teams using Enscape with Revit it's too easy for one person to "nudge" a setting and sync, which propagates that change in settings across all users for that preset. It would be useful to have a boolean toggle / checkbox to Lock Settings for a preset to prevent those subtle but irritating tweaks, say, junior staff might adjust. The most common we see is moving FOV a few degrees, or changing Quality.

    edit: Currently the workflow to "lock" is to save out a preset to a .json file and reload it if settings get changed, but that workflow isn't great from a UX perspective.

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    Thank you lsemo , for the feedback and welcome to our Forum.

    In order for product management to further track the demand for this (it's not the first time this has been requested) please also forward everything you wrote here through your voice directly via our roadmap portal. We appreciate it and thanks a lot in advance once more.