Balancing Lighting in panoramas

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  • I've been investigating exporting panoramas and am struggling with lighting balance issues. I'm working on a large hospitality space and 2 sides are banks of floor to ceiling windows, while other sides are much darker. If pulling renderings, I would just quickly adjust some settings to get good images quickly of both, but it seems like the panorama must be taken completely at one "exposure." This seems like I then need to add a lot of lights to the darker areas. Does anyone else have another method or quicker workflow?


  • Make an Enscape setting specifically for rendering panos with AUTO EXPOSURE SET TO OFF. You’ll need to play with the % setting to make it look right and depending on your model you may need more than 1 setting file with different exposures.

    What’s happing with auto exposure is that Enscape is judging the auto exposure level based on the initial starting point of the render sequence, so, if you start by looking at a window or start by looking at a dark corner you’ll get wildly different exposures in your renders.

    It’s what I do for all my pano tours:

  • Thanks Paul. Your tour looks great! What software did you use to put that together?

    So, it seems like the key is just to have a pretty neutral light set-up with the sun overhead so as not to have extreme differences in light and shadows in different parts of the panorama?

  • The Tour software is 3DVista

    For stills and videos I use auto exposure but for the panos I turn it off. It might be I have a couple of settings with different %ages for the exposure for situations like a room with small windows and dark walls vs a room with giant picture windows and light walls but most of the time I just use the one setting throughout the whole house.

    I do have lighting in each room but it’s a simple setup that I copy into each room.