Imported Texture Storage

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  • Hello Team

    Please forgive me if this has been asked before. Im trying to establish a cloud based material library solution that will work, that will allow you to read the data correctly, regardless of users location accessing the file. Also excuse the length of the post ...

    Like most i am really wanting to explore the workflow of Revit > Enscape > V Ray

    I run a desktop and laptop, both can access the cloud solution i want, using the file in the same location, Im never using a "local" copy and pending my location and the task i am performing i work on desktop or laptop.

    Standard File Location would be,


    Everything, from a Revit point of view works, but Enscape Materials, will only work only on the computer that it was originally set up from.

    Example below,

    I have a central location for my enscape materials (so they can be applied to multiple jobs) - i want to create a material library that can evolve overtime i.e. if someone creates a new material, they just add it to the shared library that all can use in the future, and over time we build up an extensive material library.

    File Location would be,


    Desktop PC is setup, with materials imported via the Enscape Material Editor in the projection location. (Revit Materials have been set up as generic, so i can import an Enscape Material Asset and apply it to the Revit Material)

    All materials are applied to the Revit Materials (all generic and set up to work) via the Enscape Editor

    The imported Texture Storage Location is as follows,


    I open up the Laptop PC, same file, same location however then Enscape Material Editior is associated with

    e:\shared\revit\enscape\materials and doesnt read the materials correctly.

    None of the texture is allocated, no issue with that. Change the location to match the project, materials still arent applied correctly ... restart Revit, and ensure the Imported Texture file path is correct ... doesnt fix the issue.

    This is depsite, the shared location being the same?

    Am i missing something?

    Or is there some "local" path that i am missing in the process?

    We live in a cloud based enviroment, surely we can use Enscape as a cloud based solution?

    I need a central location to store the materials, so they can be applied to individual jobs that will have individual project folders, that can be accessed via cloud based storage solutions

    Is that even possible, or do i need to re-consider how to build my material library again?

    The alternative is to re-build all the materials, via revit as generic, set them up to visually like right, from both color, tecture and apperance, and ensure they remain generic so Enscape can read them?

  • if this dont fry your noodle ...

    on the laptop i cant get the textures right, but all enscape assets show up.

    Laptop is running an Quadro T1000 GPU (4GB)

    on the desktop, the textures are perfect, but none of the enscape assets show up

    desktop is running RTX 2070 Super (8 GB)

    im ready to throw both through the window ...

    same material, same location, set up on both desktop and laptop ... and i continue to get different outcomes.

    frustrating to say the least .. surely its not as simple as just the graphics card?