Optimum image size, quality, type for Revit

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  • Hello,

    Do you have reccomendation on optimum mage to use for a Revit material to view in Enscape. A lot of manufacturers offer hi res and low res images.

    also what typ eof material works best for using in Enscape.


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    Thanks a lot for your inquiry and welcome to our Forum samroberts .

    Right away, it really depends on the object/structure when it comes to an optimal image size, but usually 2-4k textures are more than sufficient for say 80%-90% of the project. You could go even higher as Enscape evaluates the usage of the texture in the scene and depending on the needed scale will also allow textures up to 16k.

    So if you use say satellite images for a 1km x 1km ground plane then it will definitely allow to use even a 16k texture, but if you put this texture on a sheet of paper for example, it'll get down-scaled significantly to help with saving performance.

    Please also keep in mind that despite our optimizations and active down-scaling we don't reccomend importing a lot of textures larger than >4k as that will just increase not only export, but also loading times in Enscape, so we reccomend to only use them when and where really required.

    In terms of what type of material works best for Enscape, check out our general Enscape-Revit material knowledgebase article here:


    If any further specific questions come up regarding this topic let me know anytime!