Different Shadows In Enscape for Revit vs Rhino

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  • Hi.

    I am having an issue where, despite taking renders for the same time of day, in the same geolocation, and in the same geometry, my shadows in my renders in Enscape for Rhino versus Enscape for Revit are appearing slightly different. The shadows in Revit are a bit longer, and when I go into sun settings I see that the sun angle is lower by a few degrees for Enscape in Revit. This is happening even though I am using the still sun setting in Revit and the regular sun setting in Rhino. I am trying to do solar studies, so I would like to know which program has the most accurate shadows, as one must be more accurate than the other. I noticed, too, that the solar azimuth for Enscape in Rhino is accurate to the site of my project in real life, while in Enscape for Revit the solar azimuth is off by about 54 degrees. I believe that this is because it is adjusting for the difference in my project north versus true north. Even so, I believe that this difference could be causing some of the issues for my shadows.