Asset and sun problems

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  • Hi there,

    In the new release as a student and the foliage on my trees will not show up. also doesnt matter what I do with the sun it is still dark. any ideas?

    There is a tree with no leaves and then another that is a hedge but it doesnt show up at all? I have scoured the internet for answers but feel like I am missing something. any help would be hugely aprpeciated

    • Official Post

    I'm sorry to hear about that EighteenNMRoad - Is this the first time you're making use of Enscape or did this behavior only start occurring after you updated to our latest service pack 3.5.2? Does your machine still meet our system requirements too?

    If so please also submit us a feedback report with log files so that we can investigate the cause behind these problems further. It may not be useful in this specific case, but regarding your assets not properly being displayed please also try what I posted here.

    I appreciate the cooperation and thanks a lot in advance for any further replies.