Please help me to chose the right laptop

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  • Hello all,

    I am going to buy a new machine and I am going on the DELL XPS 9560. This laptom has a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 with 4Gb dedicated DDR5.
    Is this fully compatible with enscape? I saw that from GTX 900 graphic cart, enscape is compatible but before to buy I want to be absolutely sure it works.

    Please help me. I is quite urgent.

    Thank you guys!

  • I don’t know about that specific machine but to me that card is woefully inadequate.

    I use a desktop with an RTX2070 with 8gb and it’s not good enough, I really need more ram so the 4gb on that card would be totally useless (to me).

    In 2023 my min spec would be:

    A 30xx series card with no less than 12gb of ram (or 8gb if that’s all that available)

    System memory would ideally be 32Gb but 16gb might be ok.

    For the processor no less than a high end i5 or low end i7 (I don’t know about AMD models)

    Storage is upto you but OS and software are now so big I wouldn’t go under 500gb or you’ll have little space for your own stuff.

    I have no idea on a recommended specific make or models as I haven’t looked at buying a laptop in quite some time.

  • thank you for your reply Paul. I forgot to say that this will be my secondary machine. I have a desktop that works wonderfully (i9, 64gb, graphic card a radeon RX 580...). The laptop I am looking for has to have these three specific:
    - small and light to go everywere

    - enscape compatible

    - no more than 800euros

    Thank you for your time.